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APEC Making Changes To Animal And Plant Standards

In October 2005, the 21 APEC member economies are meeting to discuss increased co-operative enforcement of animal (OIE) and plant (IPPC) Standards. This will have an impact on manufacturing processes and supply chain operations.

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Bird Flu

The growing concerns over the spread and impact of H5N1 Avian Flu (Bird Flu) on global trade are warranted. Does your organisation have a business continuity plan in place that covers:

  • Alternative supply strategies
  • Working government relations programs to ensure
    continuation of operations
  • Staff communication, movement and quarantine

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China Customs Valuation Methods

Despite China's accession to the WTO, discretionary methods of minimum published prices are still being practised in many key ports.

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Export Controls on High-Tech Dual Use Products

The increased focus on terrorism is rapidly changing the face of export control laws. Are you exposed?

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Rules of Origin Hampering Australia-US Trade|

Complex Rules of Origin (ROO) under the Australia-US FTA are preventing traders from gaining benefits.

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Do You Ship Goods By Pallet?

Recent international changes to ISPM 15 rules have mandated certain forms of treatment for wooden pallets against pests. Are your systems compliant? Do you now have cost and contamination issues? Are you risking rejection at the port of destination?

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Folate Fortification Mandate in Australia and NZ

Do you have cost, compliance or competitive issues with the possible mandating of folate fortification?

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Australian Companies Caught Out By Anti-Dumping Laws

Anti-dumping mechanisms are being more widely used and the use of marginal costing to gain access to new markets is now a risky formula.

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Flow of Goods to China

Strategies for direct shipment of goods between Australia and China continue to carry significant risks.

Discuss Hong Kong, CEPA and other avenues with Tanda now [email]

Maximum Residue Levels in Agricultural Products

Inconsistent and changing rules regarding maximum residue levels continue to create uncertain global trading conditions.

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Australia’s negotiations with countries such as China, Japan, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are continuing.

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