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The requirement for importers to comply with individual national standards is sometimes employed by policymakers as a Technical Barrier to Trade (TBT). Different technical standards often apply in each target export market. Where this applies, it necessitates specific production runs for each market and greatly complicates the sale of a single product into multiple markets.


The inclusion of mutual recognition principles in FTAs (where each country recognizes the standards of the other and accepts goods meeting those standards) helps achieve more uniformity. Equally, lobbying for a more favourable interpretation of current rules or for a change to national standards to make them comply with international standards can benefit a company’s trading operations. Tanda has experience and expertise in this type of lobbying.

What's Acceptable 'Here'… Isn't 'There'

A client's food product was deemed to have higher than allowable limits of a particular food colouring. The country of import threatened a product recall, a ban on sales, penalties and revocation of the product registration. Tanda successfully resolved the issue in favour of the client with none of the threatened sanctions imposed.


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