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Quarantine Controls

Producers of agricultural products and manufacturers of processed foods are increasingly confronting quarantine controls.


While each country currently asserts its own rules, standards developed by the Office International des Épizooties (world animal health organisation), the International Plant Protection Convention and other relevant bodies, can be brought into play to argue your case.


What If … A Government Banned Imports Of Your Product?

An exporter of agricultural products from Country A confronted an immediate ban on imports of its products into Country B because of a change to that country’s quarantine laws aimed at preventing the introduction of certain animal diseases.


Tanda lobbied the Quarantine and Trade Authorities of Country B, explained that the new laws would breach the WTO Sanitary & Phytosanitary (SPS) Agreement, negotiated a re-draft of the legislation to incorporate OIE standards and proved that the client’s manufacturing processes complied with those standards. Trade in the products was allowed to resume.


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