Secure Your Trading Future

Sustained, profitable international trading is the result of careful planning and implementation.

Tanda advises importers, exporters and manufacturers in Australia and across the Asia Pacific on international trade issues. Our services provide maximum returns when we are strategically involved at the planning stages of manufacturing and marketing.

  • Secure sustainable trade
  • Lock in profit margins
  • Manage risk
  • Make better investment and resource allocation decisions

There are enormous benefits to be leveraged from the growing number of bilateral and regional free trade agreements (FTAs).

Tanda moves quickly, authoritatively and ethically to solve immediate problems when trade flows are interrupted. We analyse the trade barrier or trade opportunity in question, assess the market conditions and product environments, lobby the relevant regulatory agencies and bring representatives of the parties together for negotiation.

Whether forming a proactive strategy or solving a crisis, Tanda International recognises that informed communication is the key for modern business to pierce the trading barriers of bureaucracy, policy, language and culture in the Asia-Pacific successfully.

Tanda provides market research and analysis as well as business matching services.