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Government Relations

Tanda understands the language and landscape of bureaucracy and how to operate within government frameworks to modify policies and decisions.

Over more than two decades we have built an enviable network of contacts with influential individuals, in government agencies and across the Asia Pacific region.

Part of the communication process is Education. Tanda mentors clients in meetings with senior officials and helps them develop relationships with relevant agencies which may have an impact on trading activities.

We argue persuasively and ethically for change, certainty and acceptance. We argue successfully.

Ethical Work For Ethical Clients
A client’s 40ft refrigerated container was seized by Customs in an Asian country and substantial additional duties and penalties demanded. The dispute involved the valuation of the goods for customs purposes. Customs’ position was not WTO-consistent. Tanda argued on the merits of the case and the client’s compliance with the law. We provided persuasive Position Papers and represented the client at review tribunal hearings in that country. Repeated requests for substantial “facilitation fees” from officials were refused by Tanda and the client. Ultimately, the dispute was resolved in favour of the client and without payment of any such fees. The client now enjoys a sound professional and ethical relationship with Customs in that country thus receiving greater business certainty, higher efficiency and more stability in its trade flows.
  • Understanding bureaucracy
  • Creating direct relationships

How Do We Gain Access to a New Market?
A multinational manufacturer of Fast Moving Consumer Goods wanted to start selling its products into an emerging Asian economy, with a view to investing eventually in a manufacturing facility. Our client had no existing relationship with any Government agency. Tanda devised and implemented a government relations strategy to establish and nurture contacts with key regulators in the Ministries of Customs, Finance, Agriculture, Quarantine, Trade, Industry and Investment. The client's senior management is now well recognised by all agencies and has a sound network of allies in government.


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