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Bi-lateral And Regional Free Trade Agreements – FTAs

The negotiation of every free trade agreement creates an opportunity for individual companies to influence the shape of future trading rules.


And the regular review of existing agreements, to keep them in step with changing commercial environments, offers further opportunities for input from private enterprise.


Tanda lobbies governments throughout the Asia-Pacific to secure tangible benefits (eg reduced tariffs for particular products) for companies and industry associations.

Make Free Trade Agreements Work For You 

Since 2005, Tanda has prepared confidential tariff and product-specific submissions on behalf of trading clients in respect of the Australia-Thailand, Australia-China, China-ASEAN, Thailand-

India, Australia-Malaysia and ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand agreements and negotiations.


We also undertook a close study of the Australia-US FTA in order to advise an importing client on a wide range of products covering 118 separate tariff classifications.


Tanda met with Australian negotiators to secure benefits for a client under the Thai-Australia Free Trade Agreement. As a result, duties on the client’s range of exports to Thailand were either eliminated or significantly reduced and the client enjoyed increased exports to that market.



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