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Export Controls On Strategic Goods

Strategic goods include goods designed for military use or civil ('dual-use') goods which can be diverted to military use. In the post 9/11 era, the enforcement of export controls on trade in dual-use goods is becoming increasingly strict. Export control regulations require the obtaining of licences and permits prior to export. Contravention can lead to severe monetary penalties and imprisonment. Are you sure your product development, marketing, communication and sales methodologies are compliant in this sensitive area of international trade?


Costs of compliance are greatly reduced if businesses are aware of their legal responsibilities and the need for effective internal processes before they embark upon the design, manufacture, sale and export of affected goods.

Tanda can assist you to minimise the cost of compliance and reduce your exposure to contravention. Ask us how to develop your export control policy and embed licensing procedures into your standard operating environment. [email]

An EU-based client had failed to comply with the export control laws of an Asian country over a five year period. Potential penalties totalled almost $100 million along with imprisonment terms for executives. Tanda drafted and implemented an Internal Compliance Program for the client and prepared and filed a voluntary disclosure to regulators. The resulting penalty was just $26,000. The client now has compliant procedures and a good working relationship with regulators.


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