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Customs Valuation

Certainty and predictability of valuation of goods for Customs purposes are essential for effective planning and administration of trading operations.

Tanda applies the detail of WTO-based valuation methods to minimise the dutiable value of goods legally, reduce relevant administrative inefficiencies and deliver greater certainty in evaluating profit margins.


What If … Customs Seized Your Shipment For Alleged Undervaluation?

A manufacturer/exporter of Fast Moving Consumer Goods changed its distribution structure from using a third party importer to incorporating its own subsidiary to perform the importing functions. This resulted in lower declared values which the relevant customs authority assumed meant duty evasion. The customs agency then seized the shipment and threatened penalties and prosecution.

Tanda liaised with the responsible officials and explained the propriety of the new distribution arrangements, obtained a proper valuation of the goods under WTO rules, and swiftly secured return of the goods to the client.


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