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Strategic Planning For Sustainable Operations

Regional Trade Strategies


Regional supply strategies, affecting the sourcing and delivery of raw materials, intermediate goods and finished goods, are not complete unless they take into account the effect of bilateral and regional trade agreements. Tanda can 'overlay' a regional trade strategy on your regional supply arrangements to ensure greater efficiencies in the supply chain.


Regional Quarantine Strategies


Companies trading in agricultural products, processed foods and beverages are always at risk of interruptions to their supply chain from changing Quarantine regulations. The growing concern by regulators about avian influenza, BSE, foot and mouth disease and other animal diseases means that those risks are increasing. Companies trading across the region should have a strategy to manage those risks and to ensure quick, effective responses in the event of a quarantine challenge. Tanda can design and implement a tailored strategy for your company and products.

Risk Management And Business Continuity Planning


Crises which threaten trading activities can come in many forms – natural disasters, disease outbreaks, terrorism, plant failures, product recalls and more. Anticipating the likelihood of a particular crisis and designing a plan to deal with it and return to 'business as usual' as quickly as possible is essential for business continuity. Tanda can assist with these processes.


'Reinventing the Wheel' Or Applying Lessons


A client with extensive manufacturing and trading operations in Asia regularly confronted disruptions to its business because of ad hoc import bans based on quarantine concerns. Each instance was managed separately by the company’s business unit in the affected country, depending upon its own resources and without the benefit of lessons learned from the previous experience of its sister companies in other countries.


To deal more effectively with future disruptions, Tanda designed and implemented a regional quarantine strategy which included relationship-building with governments, education programs, information dossiers and quick response crisis management plans.

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