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Making The Right Strategic Decisions
Changing regulatory environments influenced by the WTO and other international organisations, along with regional and bilateral trade agreements offer many opportunities for improving market share and profitability.


Tanda provides advice to support effective decision-making to optimise international trading operations through:


  • Advice on efficient market entry
  • Advice on regulatory regimes in target markets
  • Assessing anticipated changes to tariff and non-tariff barriers and their implications for regional / international trading operations
  • Assessing preferred locations for production facilities
  • Designing regional supply, trade and quarantine strategies
  • Leveraging benefits from regional and bilateral FTAs
  • Lobbying to resolve disputes with Customs, Quarantine and other regulatory authorities
  • Market intelligence


With the benefit of this relevant information, you will be better able to assess the 'size of the prize' in the target market. Where barriers remain, you will be equipped to make a strategic decision between:

  • Complying with current rules and anticipating emerging rules
  • Altering operations to mitigate the effects of applying those rules, or
  • Lobbying government agencies to change the rules



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