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The Successful Trader's Checklist

Tanda has identified 22 key areas where government agencies administering customs, quarantine, standards, defence and other regulations influence the profitability or sustainability of trading ventures.

Many of the issues should be addressed with each shipment of goods while others should be used more strategically in the planning stages of product development and market entry.

Check each of the issues and record follow-up action using Tanda’s 'Successful Trader's Checklist'.

Download "The Successful Trader's Checklist" here.

How Do We Gain Access To A New Market?

A multinational manufacturer of Fast Moving Consumer Goods wanted to start selling its products into an emerging Asian economy, with a view to eventually investing in a manufacturing facility. Our client had no existing relationship with any Government agency.

Tanda designed and implemented a government relations strategy to establish and nurture contacts with key regulators in the Ministries of Customs, Finance, Agriculture, Quarantine, Trade, Industry and Investment. The client's senior management is now well recognised by all agencies and has a sound network of allies in government who can provide guidance if regulatory problems arise.


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